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How To Be A Better Person with Kate Hanley

May 31, 2021

Summer is about way more than sun, swimming, and barbecues. It’s about refilling your well after a long winter and a chilly, rainy spring. And that’s doubly, ESPECIALLY true after a pandemic winter!! Knowing what summer is really about helps you recuperate from what has been a hard, nutty yea

May 28, 2021

No matter what you’re going to do to relax, or how long you have to do it, something you need to do to really maximize your efforts is to establish your own safety. This is a piece that most advice on how to relax misses--but when you implement this strategy, you really amp up your benefits.

May 27, 2021

Sometimes you want and need a form of stress reduction that is "done for you" so that you can really go deeply in to the restorative relaxation zone. These three modalities can really help you go there and lessen the effect that stress is having on you.

May 26, 2021

Today I'm sharing two stress reduction activities that you can do at home, with a tiny bit of equipment but nothing more exotic than a couple of blankets or a pillow, in about 20 minutes, and they can really transport you to another state of...

May 25, 2021

One of the insidious things about stress is that it will try to convince you that you don’t have time for anything that’s not related to getting things done. I promise you, you have a couple minutes for yourself, and you CAN foster relaxation in that short of a time. The hardest part, really, is simply deciding to...